The Morton Brothers Motor Sports race car is a Mustang Cobra that was originally built by Jerry Haas Race Cars, Inc. in 2012. The car was also updated by Larry Jeffers midway through the 2013 season.  After the update, the team had one finals appearance and two semi-final appearances and qualified in both the number 1 and 3 spots.

The team would like to give special credit to Larry Jeffers because since they took it to Larry's shop, the car has been running great.  The team started running up front and Elijah's reaction times even picked up because the car was running so well.  Elijah says this of Larry, "I would not be in the running for a championship if it weren't for Larry caring enough to get my car worked out. I am now very comfortable in the car because it is working correctly, and I am not afraid of which way it will go when I pull a gear. We have had power for the car all along, we just didn't have a car that could take it."

The motor was built by Allen Competition engines in Tennessee.  Elijah says, "Allen Competition gives the team a great engine to run up front with good durability.  No one has more passion for the sport than the guys at Allen Competition."